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I'm a parent of two amazing earth bound children (a boy and a girl) and two little angels in heaven. I am owned by cats, dogs, a rabbit, and a tortoise. I am LGBTI friendly. I can be selfish at times.. impatient.. vindictive.. motivated.. intelligent.. manipulative.. stubborn.. loving.. caring.. flirtatious.. I care about more about my children then about anyone else.. it will always be that way.. I cannot carry anymore children as I had a hysterectomy due to 'cancer' in 2003. My past isn't the best, but it has shaped me into who I am. You will probably end up asking a question where the answer lies in my past and you may not like the answer you get.. just remember it's my PAST, not my present or my future.

31 August 2013

Another of my "What-ifs" is getting married this weekend.

You know the type, the "what if I had done this instead of that?" "What if I had only had the courage to tell him that I loved him, all those years ago?" "What if I had just let go of the bad ones me trusted him?"

While I am happy for him, it's made me realize that I have spend half of my entire life trying to make it work with the wrong people by giving up pieces of me and have discovered that I have very little left of me left and that I am very unhappy with my life.

Thankfully, I have taken steps to change that. 

I am registered for school again. This time with full support of my family and friends in a city that they can help me out if I need it.

I have been eating cleaner.

I've gotten on to waiting lists for family doctors.

I have made the choice to spent at least a few hours each week with friends.

I'm hoping for a better future. 

17 August 2013

Product Review Notice:

It has come to my attention that the posts I had scheduled from July 15 until August 5 have not posted and are not in my drafts section. These posts were reviews of a couple of great products from games and electronic gadgets to hair products and restaurant services.

I am still traveling back and forth between two cities and had no Internet access in our new house until it was installed this afternoon, immediately after which, I had to go to the airport to board a plane back to the old house. We are still moving some furniture and other belongings, however as soon as I get my desktop computer setup, I will be posting the reviews manually as they are saved on that hard drive. 

27 June 2013

What to pack for a blogging conference (BlogHer, BlissdomCanada, etc.)

This year, after attending BlogHer'11 in San Diego, BlissdomCanada 2012 in Toronto and She'sSoConnected 2012 in Toronto, I am bringing only the following to conferences this year:

Light, water resistant jacket
Denim Pants (Jeans)
Neutral tan colored Capri type pants
Black Slim fitted Pants (leggings)
White Button Up Shirt (Thigh length)
Black Tank/Long Cami Top
Little Black Dress
Coloured Summer Cocktail/MaxiDress
Coloured Wrap Dress (that can be a skirt/shirt)
Colourful Button Up Shirt (Thigh Length)
Something to sleep in
Black "bike shorts" (for under my skirts/dresses because I have flabby thighs that rub together)
Socks (a couple of pairs)
Panties (one for each day, plus 2 spare)
Bras (1 black, 1 white, 1 light coloured)

Black Heels
Black Flats (ballet style shoes for in my day bag)
Black Fabric Thong Sandals (flip flops)
Running Shoes

Day Bag (big enough for iPad/Netbook, phone, camera, business cards, etc.)
Colorful Silk Scarf
3 sets of earrings
Fancy small purse with long strap (for the parties to hold money, drink tickets, touch up lip gloss, business cards and phone)
Thick Black Belt
Possibly a fedora type or large brimmed hat for sightseeing.
Makeup (2 eyeliner pencils -1black & 1colour, basic eyeshadow - 1 light & 1 dark, black mascara, colored lipgloss)
Toiletries (toothbrush, toothpaste, tweezers, razor, shave cream)

Business Cards
Passport Holder
2 Extra Pens
Mesh Laundry Bag (dirty clothes go in here)
Band aids
Headache remedy

Phone and charger
Small Pocket & DSLR Camera with chargers
Laptop and Charger
Memory Cards for Cameras
Power strip to ground and plug in everything

This all fits into my carry-on bag and my purse so I never have to check it. I do plan to bring my big suitcase to bring home souvenirs and any swag that I do decide is worth bringing home.

25 June 2013

Quick, and Healthy, Solutions for eating and drinking during the spring and summer

Are you having trouble staying on track during the long lazy days of summer with the 8 glasses of water a day?

Are you eating 3 meals a day regularly, or 5 smaller meals? Maybe it's 6 smaller meals? Or are you rushing through your morning and skipping breakfast, grabbing junk for lunch and the only "good" meal you are having is supper?

Is the time too short between when your children get home from school and/or you get home form work and when it is time for bed?

Do you find that you are too busy during the day to drink the water your body needs to get and stay healthy?

Here is a list of some Quick, and Healthy, Solutions.

Purchase a plastic cup that has a screw on lid and a straw. Personal observations of people in offices, outdoors, and just plain old relaxing at home, show that liquids drank through a straw are consumed faster and in larger quantities than those drank directly from an open topped container. I also observed that more liquid was consumed in when the lid was more opaque than translucent. It appears that when the person drinking the liquid could not see how much was in the container, they drank it in less time. Using this method, I have been able to get my children to drink at least a Litre (33.8oz for my imperial readers) of water almost every day. That is above the milk, iced tea, juice, and other liquids they drink during the day.